Edison TODAY
Edison is one of the largest Italian operators. It produces, imports and sells electric power and hydrocarbons (natural gas and oil).
Electric power          
Italian Market     Facilities and Production    
in 2005     Capacity in 2005    
Total Italian market 329.4 TWh Total Italian installed capacity 73,500 MW
Deregulated market 136.8 TWh Edison's installed capacity 6,639 MW
Edison's sales 52.7 TWh Edipower's installed capacity (50%) 3,428 MW
Edison's sales to the deregulated market 23.6 TWh Total Italian net production of electric power 289.7 TWh
Edison's Energy Exchange sales 3.6 TWh Edison's net production of electric power 33.4 TWh
      Edipower's net production of electric power* 11.3 TWh
Market share (of total market) 16.0 % Share of total production 11.5 %
Market share (of deregulated market) 17.3 % Share of total production (incl. 50% of Edipower*) 15.4 %
Transmission network 2.9 '000/Km Deregulated market customers 10.6 '000
* Share of Edipower's installed capacity available to Edison under the current tolling contract
Source: Edison data, Forecast 2005 of Terma and Acquirente Unico.
Italian Market     Facilities and Production      
in 2005     Capacity in 2005      
Total market 85.2 Bill. m3 Total Italian production 12.0   Bill. m3
Edison's sales in Italy 13.1 Bill. m3 Edison's production in Italy 0.9   Bill. m3
Market share 15.4 % Share of total production 7.5   %
      Concessions and permits in Italy 65   n.
      Concessions and permits outside Italy 11   n.
Edison's sales outside Italy 0.5 Bill. m3 Storage centers in Italy   2 n.
      Reserves 26,1   Bill. m3 eq.
Gas transmission network
(low- and medium-pressure pipelines) 3.18 '000/Km Production outside Italy 0.3 Bill. m3
Direct customers 163.0 '000      
Source: Edison data, Forecast 2005 M.A.P.
Simplified Structure of the Group at December 31, 2005
Other operations
IHW (2)
Edison Spa (1)
Energie Speciali
of Electric Power
Edison Rete
Electric Power
Edipower (2)
of Electric Power
Expl. & Prod.
Natural Gas
Edison DG
Natural Gas Distribution
Edison Trading
Edison Energia
Energy Purchas.
and Distribution
Edison per Voi
Natural Gas Sales
Electric Power Operations
Hydrocarbons Operations
(1) Edison Spa, working through its Business Units, is directly engaged
in the production of electric power from hydroelectric and thermoelectric power
plants, and produces, imports and distributes hydrocarbon products.
(2) Edipower and IWH are joint ventures consolidated by the proportional method.